You're Next Trailer: Home Alone Meets Straw Dogs In Bloody New Clip

A You’re Next trailer that doesn’t use Dwight Twilley’s “Looking for the Magic?” That’s a missed opportunity … but it’s probably the only mis-step made by the otherwise fantastic tease for Adam Wingard’s hostage-horror film, which just arrived on Apple’s official page (opens in new tab).

Lionsgate picked up Wingard’s feature, which has been idling in neutral for far too long after a handful of overly successful screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival (where it played as part of the Midnight series) and Austin’s classic Fantastic Fest – an event tailored to genre audiences. Sensing it had a hit on its hands, Lionsgate waited for the right opportunity to unleash Wingard’s disturbing flick. That time will come on Aug. 23.

What’s You’re Next about? On a surface level, it’s about a dysfunctional family getting together for a contentious reunion in an isolated mansion. But an attack from the outside has the normally-distant family members banding together in a twist on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians premise and Michael Haneke’s Straw Dogs.

In preparation for its late-summer release, You’re Next took a “victory lap” around the South By Southwest film festival, where it built on its already-deafening buzz and whet fans’ appetites for the type of unexpected horror it dabbles in. Wingard’s cast has some recognizable faces from the indie-horror community, including fellow directors Ti West and Joe Swanberg. And learn the name Sharni Vinson, for she’s about to replace Gina Carano as the go-to name in female ass-kicking horror/action stars.

Oh, and that Twilley tune that automatically calls to mind some murderous scenes in You’re Next? It’s right here. Put it on repeat, and crank it up loud:

Sean O'Connell
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