Zack And Miri Makes Nothing In Thailand

The National Film Board of Thailand just banned Kevin Smith’s latest R-rated motion picture Zack And Miri Make A Porno out of fear it may encourage copycats. Whether these potential copycats would make their own pornographic films to help pay the electrical bills or make their own films about people making pornographic films to help pay the electrical bills is unclear, but apparently, either would be inversely proportional to both the morality and overall health of the nation probably best known for casually tolerating child molestation and Ben Affleck gambling on Russian Roulette. Hooray for fighting the issues that really matter.

According to View Askew, the film’s distributors, M Pictures, appealed the ruling, but the outback Nazi appellate court upheld the decision after watching the film. I guess the censorship police didn’t feel Jason Mewes’ dick was suitable for anyone in Thailand. I’d probably be a little more miffed, but this in no way effects my life or Kevin Smith’s ability to make more of his trademark raunchy, heart-filled swear romps. It’s just a big middle finger toward Free Speech in the world’s twentieth most populous nation.

In case you were wondering, Thailand just had its international credit score lowered last week and is less than three years removed from its most recent coup. But it’s kept one more perceived piece of filth out of its theaters, and in the end, that seems like all Buddha ever really wanted.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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