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Zeta-Jones And Timberlake May Join Lay The Favorite, Take The Dog

Once one of the hottest actresses around, Catherine Zeta-Jones has all but completely disappeared in the last few years. Ten years ago she was averaging about two films per year, but now has only made three films in the last six. An Oscar winner from her work in 2002's Chicago, she's never lacked in the talent department and is still as beautiful as ever. Lucky for us, she may be making a come back.

Continuing their story about Bruce Willis entering negotiations to star in Stephen Frears' Lay The Favorite, Take The Dog, Vulture is now reporting that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Timberlake are now very close to attaching themselves to the project as well. The film is based on the memoir by Beth Raymer, who becomes linked with a group of middle aged math geeks who try and take down the sportsbook system in Las Vegas. Rebecca Hall is already attached to play Raymer; Bruce Willis will play Dink, an out-of-luck professional gambler; and, should they be cast, Zeta-Jones would play Willis' wife and Timberlake would play a Long Island bookie named Rosie, who runs off-shore sports booking. Zeta-Jones previously starred in Frears' High Fidelity, which was also written by D.V. DeVincentis. Shooting is scheduled to begin in April.

Should it all work out, that would be one hell of a cast. Just last week Stephen Frears did a Q&A in Oxford, via Bleeding Cool, during which he said the project was in jeopardy because the studio wanted to have "more famous people in." Ask and you shall receive, I suppose.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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