Zombieland 2 Isn't Dead But Jesse Eisenberg Isn't Sure It's Still Relevant

After the surprise box office success of Zombieland in 2009, everyone involved was quick to promise a sequel. Then everyone involved immediately ran off and did other things, managing to find ways not to work on Zombieland 2 at all. It’s kind of like what happened with Star Trek, except Star Trek is Star Trek and that material will be relevant no matter how long it takes them to make the next one. Zombieland 2 on the other hand, maybe not.

Word is that they are now working on some sort of Zombieland sequel script, but star Jesse Eisenberg is starting to sound increasingly less interested in doing it. The thing is, since Zombieland he’s become kind of a big deal, thanks to The Social Network. More than that, he seems to get that there’s an expiration date on how long people will be interested in seeing a sequel to their little zombie film.

Here’s how Eisenberg explained what’s up with Zombieland 2 in an interview with Little White Lies.

They’re writing the script right now but I haven’t seen it and I suspect that the longer we wait, the less relevant it will be. I mean, all the actors would love to do it and the director would love to do it but I’m not sure what’s happening.

That doesn’t sound very hopeful. Couple that with the news from a few months ago that Woody Harrelson is kind of out on the whole thing, and we might be better off leaving Zombieland 2 in the grave.

Josh Tyler