Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World is inspiring a number of unexpected reactions. Some are obsessing over the types of shoes Bryce Dallas Howard wore. Others debate why anyone would try to go back to Isla Nublar after the disastrous attacks from Jurassic Park. Today, the Internet decided to have a little fun with Chris Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, who trains Raptors. Why? We’re not 100% sure, but his unusual job has fellow zookeepers playing along on social media.

Frequently using the hashtag #JurassicZoo, a number of Jurassic World fans are posing like Pratt in the above pose, only swapping up killer dinos for the animals that they tend to care for. This gentleman, for example, had to become the alpha for a pack of walruses...

And this lady is doing the best that she can with her dolphins. Sit. Stay...

So clever! Esquire tipped us off to this craze, which immediately started sweeping the Web, demonstrating what an impact Jurassic World has made on our culture, in such a short amount of time. We’ve been reporting on Trevorrow’s sequel ever since it opened to the biggest weekend number in film history. Jurassic World continues to dominate the box-office charts, and likely, will maintain a firm grip, possibly until another sequel like Ted 2 or Terminator Genisys rolls along.

Jurassic World opens a theme park on Isla Nublar 22 years after the failure of the initial Jurassic Park. As is the case with modern parkgoers, though, audiences are growing bored by dinosaurs, so the lab geeks cook up Indominus Rex, a killing machine who eventually breaks free and starts killing the other dinosaurs (and tourists) "for sport."

To date, Jurassic World has grossed a staggering $258 million domestically, and nearly $575M globally. It is a massive hit that is continuing to boost the profiles of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, as well as the Jurassic brand. If you happen to be a zookeeper, please keep these creative and funny photos coming. We’d love to enjoy them all summer long!

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