Sunday night was kind of a big deal for Kathryn Bigelow. And by that I mean she became the hottest director in Hollywood overnight. Over the next year, and probably longer, Bigelow is going have every film in production to pick and choose from. While it will certainly intensify over the next few months, however, that is not to say that she hasn't already had a couple of major offers that she has already turned down. It turns out that one of those job offers was at the helm of Sony's rebooted wall-crawler franchise.

The Los Angeles Times has run a feature on some of the top Oscar winners and what their next move will be. While it mentions what we have already known about Bigelow for months now, that she will be reuniting with Mark Boal, who also took home the Oscar, for a pet project titled Triple Frontier, it confirms the rumor that she turned down Sony's offer to direct the new Spider-Man movie, which now has (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb attached.

That officially makes two directors from this year's Best Director pool who were offered the gig and turned it down (they wanted Cameron as well). But who's to say how Bigelow's direction might have turned out? Prior to her six year absence from feature films, the director was known for her work in the action genre, be it the Keanu Reeves classic Point Break, or the Harrison-Ford-as-a-Russian movie K-19 The Widowmaker. It's not clear why she turned down the film, but let's hope it had something to do with a "Fuck Sony, Go Sam Raimi" mentality.

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