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Watch Jaws Get Ripped Apart In New Honest Trailer

Jaws may have started as a book, but under Steven Spielberg's direction, it was adapted into a highly successful movie that over 40 years later is still lauded and is considered by many to be one of the greatest films ever made. However, that doesn't mean it's safe from criticism, and by that, I mean snarky commentary. Yes, the movie that propelled Spielberg's career to new heights and changed the movie making game has finally fallen victim to an Honest Trailer.

The latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies kicks off with the narrator pointing out how this "monster movie" doesn't feature a lot of the monster. Spielberg has admitted that the reason for the absence was because the mechanical sharks they used often didn't work, but from a story telling perspective, it was probably for the best. That shark may be the main antagonist, but it's the idea of it swimming around that provided more suspense rather than actually glimpsing it, even if seeing the beast was still freaky. Of course, let's not forget that Jaws had another villain: the town mayor, whose plans were almost as sinister as his ugly blazers.

From there, the narrator digs into the main protagonists, like calling out Chief Brody's overindulgence in booze, describing Hooper as the "original Instagram hipster" and making fun of Quint's eccentricities. Jaws is also best known as the first summer blockbuster, and while it did lead to other claustrophobic horror movies, it also spawned all those "unnecessary" sequels and travesties like the Sharknado movies. Of course, let's not forget that Jaws did a number on the reputations of sharks in general. After all, the number of people killed by sharks per year is minuscule, but nevertheless, that fear of going into the water still lurks deep within.

When all was said and done, this Honest Trailer doesn't hide the fact that they, like many other movie lovers, think Jaws was impressive. It proved that you don't need a lot of money or fancy visual effects to make a great blockbuster. The only key ingredients are a great director, a "perfect" cast (including a lot of legs) and an awesome score. Okay, yeah, that is difficult to pull off. Humorous videos aside, 41 years after its release, Jaws still remains one of the most groundbreaking movies ever made. The sequels may have varied from being decent to horrible, but that first story remains a classic. It's something that all sorts of people can sink their teeth into. Sorry, poor choice of words.

What do you enjoy most about Jaws, and is there any part of the movie you have issues with? Make sure to voice your thoughts, positive or negative, in the comments below.

Adam Holmes
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