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Watch Christoph Waltz’s Hysterical Audition For The Siegfried And Roy Movie

Christoph Waltz is one of those actors who has seemed to become typecast. He's the guy you call if you need a scary foreign villain in your movie. However, he recently got to show off his comedy chops, along with his ability to play a Las Vegas stage magician. Check out the Academy Award winner alongside Jimmy Kimmel as they "audition" for Siegfried and Roy: Magic Secrets.

While we're not sure that we'd hire Christoph Waltz to play either Siegfried or Roy (For the record, Siegfried was the blonde one) we'd be more than happy to cast him in the next comedy we're putting together. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Waltz was lamenting the fact that he's perpetually cast as the villain, which was the setup for the audition bit. Kimmel's accent is gloriously terrible, as the words "not the magician" somehow become "nazi magician," a phrase which gets his audition partner more than a little upset. Waltz's great comedy comes from his utter offense at everything that Kimmel is doing with his terrible accent. The Austrian-born German citizen, of course, could perform the audition in German, so his offense is more than a little understandable.

While Christoph Waltz's career hasn't been entirely devoid of comedy, he is still best known for his villainous roles. He came to most people's attention following his role in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Bastards and since then has gone on to play the villain in Spectre, as well as his current film The Legend of Tarzan. Of course, knowing him from these serious dramatic roles is part of what makes seeing him doing comedy so funny. He's the last person you'd expect to do a late night comedy sketch that has him dressing up like a Las Vegas lounge act.

Unfortunately, if you're hoping to see Christoph Waltz do a slapstick comedy, you'll need to wait a while. His next film, only a couple of weeks away, is the period drama Tulip Fever. After that, he's got a role in the finally filming Downsizing, a social satire that sees people shrink themselves in order to join dedicated communities of small people. While that film will likely have some humor, it may not be of the laugh out loud variety. We can always hope that the Siegfried and Roy biopic becomes a reality down the road.

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