Mad Max: Fury Road’s Black-And-White Cut Is Finally Coming, Here’s What We Know

Mad Max: Fury Road

While you may love Mad Max: Fury Road, the truth is that we have actually yet to see director George Miller's favorite version of the film. When the bombastic blockbuster was in theaters last year, the filmmaker revealed that he actually thinks that his latest movie actually looks best in black-and-white and with just composer's Junkie XL score playing, instead of the normal dialogue track. Sadly, this version of the feature wasn't included on the first home video release -- but we will soon be able to feast our eyes upon it.

As discovered by Refocused Media, a page has been created on Amazon Germany for a brand new box set dubbed the "Mad Max: High Octane Collection." When translated, the product details reveal that the Blu-ray package will include six discs -- including all four Mad Max movies and a bunch of special features. It's amongst these goodies that it's revealed there will be included the "Black and Chrome Edition" -- which is described as "the surreal black and white film version of Fury Road."

When he was putting Mad Max: Fury Road together in post-production, George Miller realized that his movie was really at its best when it was completely lacking color -- though he knew that there was no way the studio would be able to sell that to mass audiences. Because of this, he then decided that what would be best for the film would be to break the trend of desaturated blockbusters and make the whole thing as brilliantly colorful as possible. The filmmaker talked about including the black and white version on the Blu-ray release, but many were disappointed last fall when the alternate cut wasn't listed amongst the special features. It's nice to know our wait for it is almost over (though it's a shame it took a double dip to get done).

If you want to get a taste of what to expect from the special Mad Max: Fury Road cut, check out the fan made video below:

The Amazon Germany page unfortunately doesn't mention the region coding, which could prevent the discs from playing in American Blu-ray players, but it is worth noting that previous European releases of the Mad Max movies have been region free -- which could suggest that all of the discs in the High Octane Collection will be as well. If you don't want to pull the trigger just yet though, the good news is that you have plenty of time to decide -- as the box set is currently only available for pre-order, and won't be coming out until September 29th.

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