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This year has been a big one for Captain America, from his third MCU movie, Captain America: Civil War, being released in May to him becoming a HYDRA operative in the comics thanks to some pesky tampering with reality. More important than all that, however, is that he's celebrating his 75th anniversary, and a special card won't be enough to commemorate it. That's why when San Diego Comic-Con kicks off, a 13-foot-tall bronze statue of the Star Spangled Avenger will be unveiled.

The statue (which literally weighs a ton) will be first seen by the public sometime during Comic-Con, between July 20-24, but that won't be its permanent address. The statue will then be transported to Brooklyn, New York, a.k.a. where Steve Rogers grew up in the comics, and will be officially laid at Prospect Park for a dedication ceremony on August 10. You can head over to USA Today to see a rough sketch of what the statue will look like, but it is definitely a faithful presentation, from the hero triumphantly raising his circular shield to the inscription, "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn," which is what he said to the Red Skull in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger.

Captain America

During the trip from San Diego to Brooklyn, the Marvel social media teams will be posting updates about how the traveling is going. However, if some fans are unable to check out the statue for themselves in person, they can still enjoy that design in a different way. Concave Studios, the same firm that designed the statue with Marvel artists, will also be selling 750 limited edition 12-inch bronze replicas, as well as 100 "made-to-order" 25-inch pewter replicas for especially hardcore fans to purchase. As for the bronze statue itself, Paul Glitter, senior vice president of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, also mentioned how the statue is meant to honor the folks who have kept Captain America alive for all these decades, from creative talent to passionate fans.

While superheroes are numerous, few are deserving of their own statues, but Captain America can definitely count himself on that exclusive list. Not only has he served as a figure of entertainment for 75 years across various media, he's also one of pop culture's most prominent costumed crimefighters. He's arguably the United States' most patriotic hero (though there may be some Superman fans who disagree), defending truth, justice and liberty, as well as influencing others to fight for what's right and decent. He may have been a product of World War II propaganda, but he continues to be an inspirational character three-fourth's of a century later.

If you want to get your fill of Captain America, head over to your local comic book store to pick up an issue or collection starring him. Captain America: Civil War is also still playing in theaters, and will be available on home media in September.

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