A Ghostbusters Post-Credits Scene? Here’s What We Know


In the modern movie era, the post-credits scene has become a more and more regular occurrence. As such, whether or not any given movie has one has become a standard question to ask. So, will the new Ghostbusters movie force you to read the name of the second assistant catering specialist in order to see the entire film? The first screenings of the reboot have taken place this week, which means some people know that answer. And it appears that answer is yes.

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Based on the tweet from comedian Patton Oswalt, it sounds like there will be something of a tease at the end of Ghostbusters. So now that we know that there is a post-credits scene, we can turn our attention to wondering what it could possibly be.

The post-credits scene is usually done with one of two goals in mind. First off, it's used to tease/set-up the next movie in the series. While this idea will make a certain sub-section of the internet absolutely insane, it has to be considered as a possibility. Franchise movie making is just the world that we live in now, and we have to believe that at the very least the idea that the Ghostbusters reboot could include more than one movie. Even if this is what they do, we'd guess the scene will be an open-ended sort of tease. A scene that implies that maybe the Ghostbusters didn't catch all the ghosts, so there could be another movie, as opposed to one that says "this guy will be the villain in the next movie."

The more likely decision, though, is that the post-credits sequence won't even deal with a potential follow-up movie, it could just be one last joke to send the audience on their way. Even Marvel Studios, who is responsible for the "post-credits renaissance," has occasionally decided to use their regular after credits time to add in a punchline rather than a setup, as they did with the Howard the Duck cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems more likely, that this will be the direction they go. Ghostbusters is ultimately a comedy, so one last laugh makes sense.

Whatever they end up doing with their post-credits scene, it sounds like it will be funny. Patton Oswalt seemed to like Ghostbusters and, as a professional funny person, he tends to know what he's talking about. While many have decried the reboot from the get-go simply for existing, and others have been worried about the quality after having seen questionable trailers and hearing terrible theme songs. But maybe the end result is actually good.

We're still hoping that the new Ghostbusters movie will be good. Whether or not it is, we'll be staying through the credits to be sure we judge the whole thing. Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.

Dirk Libbey
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