Moana’s New Trailer Is Adorable And Stunning, Check It Out

As anyone at today's animation panels will tell you, the future of the art form is looking pretty bright. In particular, Disney's latest film, Moana, looks to be an exciting adventure that's not only big on thrills, but also big on heart. Nowhere is that more clear than in this latest, international trailer for the film, as we meet baby Moana, discovering her kinship with the open sea. You can see this touching moment for yourself below.

This latest look at Disney's latest animated adventure comes from's YouTube channel, as they featured the short, but captivating clip that details part of Moana's backstory. Now the funny thing is, in the previously released teaser trailer for the film's domestic advertising campaign, we've seen a shot of a little girl marveling at the water in a particularly interesting formation. As it turns out, that little girl is Moana herself, and the water is changing its shape so that she can see the beauty it hides underneath the surface.

After some games with a rather friendly wave, our new princess is pushed back to the safety of land, and we see her instantaneously grow up through the power of a flash forward. To put it briefly, it's nothing short of pure Disney magic, and it's another reason why we're more than looking forward to Moana's debut this fall. Of course, this is on top the previous look that we've been given at the general concept of the film, which shows us the older Moana teaming up with the demigod Maui, played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. We've shared that previous trailer for reference below.

The focus on Moana in this new international trailer is helping to sell the overall focus of the film on its Polynesian princess. This is only further reinforced by the facts we've heard coming out of Comic Con. More specifically, we've heard that Moana will not only lack a romantic subplot in its extended narrative, but it will also dispose of the talking animal concept that Disney has loved to use in the past. Already, with a couple of basic details, and only a couple of advanced trailers, and we've heard enough to be intrigued about what we'll be seeing in front of our eyes this November.

November 23rd is the day that the world will meet Moana in full, but you don't have to wait that long to get more details about the film. Keep reading through our Comic Con coverage here at Cinema Blend, and you'll find out some of the more interesting details that dropped during today's big animation panel in San Diego.

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