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New Sausage Party TV Spot Features The Voice Cast In Live-Action

Sausage Party

With advanced word making Sausage Party out to be the animated masterpiece that adults have been clamoring for since they were last dragged to the theater by their kids, you've got to wonder if the film will live up to the hype. It's a question that Seth Rogen seems to be contemplating in this new TV spot for the film, and while he may not get a straight answer from co-stars Edward Norton and Michael Cera, he's got a hell of an ad, which you can watch below.

This ad comes to us courtesy of, who posted the ad on their YouTube feed earlier today. We must note that all of the film's footage is nestled at the end of the ad, so if you're here to see another glance at the animation you'll have to skip a bit. However, we recommend that you watch the full ad, as it begins with Seth Rogen being a funny, nervous wreck. As he tries to figure out where Sausage Party will fit in the lexicon of animated food movies, Michael Cera and Edward Norton start to rattle off various films that have more prolific legacies than the film they all happen to star in. Of course, the ultimate kiss of death comes from Cera's obviously fabricated critical accolade, which states, "It would be a fool's errand to make another animated food film."

Now as if it wasn't bad enough that Suicide Squad seems to potentially have the entire month of August locked up in its anti-heroic claws, mentioning films like Ratatouille and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs in the same breath as Sausage Party seems like a sure fire way to set the film up for disappointment. Of course, when you take into the account that the film is in a separate classification than those more family-oriented entries, it's easy to see how the raunchy, R-rated laughs of Sausage Party won't have to compete too hard with those previously mentioned titans of animated glory. No matter the result, it's a promising sign to see the three co-stars riffing so effectively about the possibility that their animated comedy might be just a tiny bit overshadowed.

At the very least, Sausage Party will be a respite for folks who shudder every time they see another ad in the endless parade of kid-friendly films that are slated to make it to theaters. But in the best of scenarios, the film could see itself becoming enough of a runaway hit that it'll somehow rank in with 2016's top grossers. Though we're certain the truth lies somewhere in the middle, we won't really know until August 12th, when Sausage Party and Pete's Dragon open head to head at the box office. Two films enter, but only one film can leave the victor.

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