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The early reviews of Suicide Squad have not been particularly kind to the film. But what does the rest of the DC Extended Universe think? The director of the next DC movie has now seen the current one, and she's posted her honest impressions to Twitter. Patty Jenkins, who will be bringing us the Wonder Woman movie next year, has seen Suicide Squad and she didn't just think it was worthwhile- she absolutely loved it.

Like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before it, Suicide Squad has become a lightning rod for controversy. The reviews for the film have been pretty negative, which has been a major problem for many fans. Patty Jenkins, however, doesn't understand those negative reviews. She appears to feel that the movie was absolutely great. She makes it clear that she's making a distinction between being great in the hyperbolic sense, and actual greatness. While there a sizable number of reviews that agree with her, the majority at this moment do not.

Wonder Woman suicide squad

Of course, there are those who might discount Patty Jenkins comments because, as the director of Wonder Woman, she has some sort of pro-DC comics bias. She does what she can to deal with that preconception by addressing it, and insisting it has nothing to do with her view.

For what it's worth, I believe her. Patty Jenkins is under no obligation to say nice things about Suicide Squad if she doesn't believe them to be true. She could have made some passingly neutral comments if she thought it was bad but didn't want to say so. She could have also subscribed to the classic "don't say anything at all" strategy if she felt she couldn't say anything nice. She didn't do those things. She liked the movie. Good for her.

That's the thing about opinions, people have different ones. Just because a bunch of reviewers don't like a movie, doesn't mean that you won't like it. Maybe the things that reviewers didn't like are not things that bother you in a movie. While the majority of reviews may disagree with Patty Jenkins assessment, it's not like there aren't any that agree with it. While the official Cinema Blend review of Suicide Squad is lower, not everybody on the staff has an exactly identical opinion.

Somewhere there's probably a movie that you love that most people don't like. Let us know what yours is in the comments below.

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