When We Can Expect To See The First Fast 8 Trailer

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True to its name, the Fast & Furious franchise has turned its eighth installment around with lightning speed. It feels like we only just saw Furious 7, but now Fast 8 has already come close to finishing its full production. With that in mind, many fans have been wondering for quite some time when we will actually get a bona fide trailer for the next entry in the series. We've got some bad news: it's still going to be quite a while.

As the production of Fast 8 nears its conclusion, the cast and crew took to Facebook to provide one last update on the eighth installment of the long-running, street racing franchise. They thanked fans of the series for supporting them along the way, and indicated that the first look at the blockbuster would roll out sometime in December. Sorry to those of you who have been dying to get a good glimpse at Fast 8, but it's going to be a solid four months before you see anything substantial.

Of course, like so many other aspects of the Fast & Furious franchise, this final Facebook post ultimately boils down to the theme of family. Ever since the franchise first began, the characters have constantly talked about the importance of loved ones and taking care of one another, and that closeness has seemingly bled into real life -- particularly following the tragic passing of the late, great Paul Walker. Check out the actual post below to see for yourself.

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In a certain sense it really feels like this Facebook post also serves as a means of performing damage control for recent drama on the set. As many of you probably already know, there's a fairly high profile feud currently going down between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, with Johnson recently taking to his own social media channels to indirectly call Diesel a "candy ass." The feud has somewhat blown over throughout the course of this week, as both stars have addressed the matter to fans, but this seems to be the crew's way of neatly tying up the whole affair. Family comes first, after all.

Slowly but surely Fast 8 has come together. Even with the rumored on-set friction, we have to admit that we seriously cannot wait to see the next installment in the legendary action series. So now it looks like the first trailer will drop in December, and Fast 8 will officially blast its way into theaters next spring on April 14, 2017. Stay tuned for more details.

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