Few American singers have tapped into the collective mindset of numerous generations quite like Bruce Springsteen. He has an undeniable knack for tapping into angst. For decades, the rock legend has represented disillusionment among American youth, and that idea has seemingly bled into the world of film. A new trailer for the upcoming A24 drama, American Honey, has just dropped, and its use of Bruce Springsteen will leave you utterly haunted. Check it out below to see for yourself.

Now that's what we call a trailer, folks. In a single minute, the American Honey preview basically tells us everything we need to know about the film while simultaneously telling us absolutely nothing. Bruce Springsteen's "Dream Baby Dream" (actually a cover from 1979 punk band, Suicide) slowly plays over the trailer as Shia LaBeouf's Jake meets Sasha Lane's Star. The two instantly form a connection with one another, and we see a montage of varying emotional moments as their relationship evolves, and continues to hit peaks and valleys. It's beautiful. It's timeless. Most of all: it's utterly relatable.

Of course, despite all of the trailer's beautiful imagery and truly affecting musical choices, it does have one very distinct Achilles heel: its use of voiceover. Rather than let the entire preview play out and sell audiences on the narrative and performances in the movie, the trailer instead opts to use an incredibly bizarre female narrator to sound off the movie's myriad accolades and strengths. In all honesty, she sounds more like she should be advertising a rollback sale at Wal-Mart than an emotional indie film. That being said, while the voiceover somewhat hinders the trailer, it shouldn't reflect poorly on a truly gorgeous looking movie.

Regardless of how the movie sells its accolades, we cannot deny that it most certainly earned them. American Honey premiered earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival, and it apparently made a big enough impression to market itself off of the festival circuit buzz. We will just have to wait and see for ourselves when the film finally receives a wide release later this fall.

American Honey represents the latest in a long line of stellar looking indie pictures from A24. Over the last few years, the production company has become one of the go-to sources for outside the box entertainment. Ex Machina, The Witch, Green Room, Swiss Army Man, and so many others; in a Hollywood environment dominated by blockbusters, A24 has become a consistently reliable supplier of slightly off-kilter, indie entertainment. If the trailer for American Honey is any indication, it looks like the company has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Cinema Blend will bring you more information concerning the upcoming release of American Honey as more details became available to us. The upcoming A24 indie will hit theaters later next month on September 30.

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