New Star Wars Documentary Attempts To Defend The Prequels, Check It Out

Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises ever created, but it is not without its black spots. Said spots mainly congregate around the Prequel Trilogy, a series of films so hyped and then immediately despised that some fans ignore their existence. No matter what your opinion on these films may be, there's a fascinating relationship between fan and franchise happening, and one documentary is setting out to try to understand it. The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan's Journey is a documentary that shows the other side of the coin and sets out to examine why these films are so reviled. Check out the trailer for the documentary below.

"Nobody hates Star Wars like a Star Wars fan" rings especially true. This is an incredibly interesting topic for a documentary - especially if you're a big Star Wars fan. It's no secret that the prequels aren't exactly the favorite child of the Star Wars family, and any discussion about them usually leads to why they suck and how angry people were about it (and often still are).

However, this documentary looks so refreshing. It's putting a positive spin on the prequels - not necessarily to prove why they are good, but to study the years of backstory leading up to the film, the fallout, and impact it had on the franchise.

In order to study this unique legacy, The Prequels Strike Back will be using a slew of interviews from fans and cinema analysts to figure out if George Lucas was a washed up hack or a secret genius. In this trailer, you can see excerpts from prominent figures in the nerd community like Kevin Smith, people from Lucas Film who actually worked on the prequels, and vocal internet fans like Michael from Belated Media, who did a series of YouTube videos explaining how the prequels could have been really good.

The film won't just use the personal stories of fans, but will also examine the number of theories and think pieces that surround the Prequel Trilogy. The trailer mentions the ring theory, which is a massive analytical think piece from Mike Klimo about the relationship between the prequels and the original trilogy. The theory states that the prequels feel like a rip off of the original films because it's intentional and it forms a symbiotic cycle throughout the whole saga. And that's just one theory.

The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan's Journey could be the next great Star Wars doc since The People vs George Lucas. The documentary will become available for digital download on September 14 through VHX, with versions on YouTube and Amazon coming soon. You can also pre-order a disc edition that will be shipped in October.

Matt Wood

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