Warning: MAJOR spoilers for Morgan below. You have been warned.

Much like his father's work on Blade Runner, Luke Scott's Morgan has proven itself as a surprisingly effective sci-fi thriller -- replete with an ending that forces us to question everything we think we know about the film. Morgan features a brave, quintessentially sci-fi twist involving Kata Mara's Lee Weathers and Anya Taylor-Joy's Morgan. However, it raises one question: does the twist work? As enjoyable as the movie is to watch, we think Morgan stops just short of greatness, and that's because of a poorly executed twist.

We've gone through the details, and come up our definitive rationale for why the twist ending in Morgan doesn't work. It's a solid thriller that exemplifies some truly masterful filmmaking techniques, but the ending simply doesn't stick the landing as well as it wants to, for specific reasons. Of course, we will get to that eventually, but let's get you caught up regarding what actually happens in the film's finale.

What Happens

After a slow burn first hour, Morgan kicks into high gear once the titular bio-weapon finally escapes. Realizing that her creators don't truly think of her as a friend, Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) breaks out and goes on a rampage through the compound where she was born. Trapping Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) in her cell, Morgan starts to pick off the scientists one by one, and kidnaps Amy (Rose Leslie) -- the one member of the staff with which she has a genuine connection.

Lee eventually frees herself from the cell, and chases after Morgan and Amy with the help of Skip (Boyd Holbrook). Tracking the escapee to a nearby lake, Morgan and Lee engage in a vicious forest fight ripped straight from the pages of First Blood, with each woman utilizing their respective skills, experiences, and combat talents. Eventually, Morgan impales Lee on a dead tree branch but simply leaves her to bleed, having seemingly learned compassion from an earlier experience in which she killed a deer that had suffered the same injury.

Morgan returns to Amy, and the two look out over the beautiful lake. They gaze in awe at the majesty of nature, when suddenly Lee appears and brutally drowns Morgan under the water. Having accomplished her mission, Lee's demeanor suddenly turns very cold as she guns down Amy and Skip -- leaving no witnesses of the Morgan program behind.

Later, in the final moments of the film, we see Lee Weathers nursing her wounds at a diner while Brian Cox's character discusses her performance with other mysterious businessmen in a boardroom. They praise her efficient work, and discuss the fact that, although the Morgan program yielded interesting results, the "old dogs" make for better hunters. As one member of the board asks Brian Cox what to do about Ms. Weathers, she looks at her hands the same way Morgan did earlier in the movie, and Cox simply replies "she's perfect." Cut to black.

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