Everybody knows that DC absolutely kills when it comes to the world of animation, and no DC hero has experienced a better animated career than The Dark Knight. From Mask of the Phantasm, to The Dark Knight Returns, to the recent release of The Killing Joke, there's an amazing Batman animated movie to match every taste and preference. This trend may soon continue, as Mark Hamill recently hinted that Kevin Conroy and himself could potentially return to their respective roles as Joker and Batman for animated adaptations of Hush and/or A Death in the Family. It's an amazing time to be a nerd.

However, the potential doesn't stop there; Hush and A Death in the Family only represent the beginning. Batman has gone on numerous adventures over the years, and so many of them deserve the animated treatment as well. We've compiled a list of the eight Batman stories that definitely deserve to come to life with the help of the folks at DC animation. Check out our entries, and let us know what story YOU want to see adapted! Now let's get started with a Batman tale that always gets us into the holiday spirit.


Prior to the release of Batman: Noël, we never could have imagined that comic books and Charles Dickens could go together so well. In a story mirroring the events of A Christmas Carol, Noël uses Bruce Wayne as an analogue for Ebenezer Scrooge, as Batman embarks on a crusade to recapture The Joker over the course of a single night. Along the way, he has encounters with character like Jim Gordon, Selina Kyle, and Superman - all of whom serve to inform the audience as to just how far into a dark hole Batman has fallen through his career. Not only does Noël feature some of the most beautiful artwork ever seen in a Batman comic book, but it also tells a perfect story about a lost man finding his way back to the light. A proper Noël adaptation would become required holiday viewing for any self-respecting Batman fan; make it happen, DC.

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