I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ben Affleck’s take on Batman was the best thing about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He proved so awesome in the role that Warner Bros. has pretty much given him the keys to the castle when it comes to crafting his upcoming Batman film. While we still have very little information about the movie, what little knowledge we do have has us undeniably excited for the impending outing for the Caped Crusader.

This weekend provided us with two noteworthy bits of information: Ben Affleck’s Batman solo movie won’t use Red Hood (a surprise for many fans) and the film will feature a large ensemble of villains. That has us thinking about the potential storylines that could provide inspiration for the coming solo adventure. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of six villain-heavy Batman story arcs that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns should definitely look to in order to bring their vision of The Dark Knight to life. Let's get started with one of the most iconic villain-heavy storylines of all time...

If you happen to be new to the Batman mythos, the one graphic novel that will get you up to speed regarding all of the Bat basics is Jeph Loeb’s Batman: Hush. A journey through the underworld of Gotham City, Hush follows Batman as he endeavors to uncover the identity of a mysterious criminal mastermind who seems to know everything about him, and has united his enemies in a mission to bring him down. Hush’s ending has often been regarded as a let down by fans, but the journey to that conclusion is one of the most satisfying Batman stories ever told. Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns should seriously consider using Hush for the DCEU Batman’s first solo movie because it succinctly establishes all of the important elements of the Batman mythos – the rogue’s gallery, the Bat Family, Gotham City itself, etc. – while still feeling firmly rooted within the greater DC universe.

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