The Surprising Number Of Times Batman Got To Kiss Someone In Movies

Unlike Superman, Batman doesn't have a consistent girlfriend in the comics. The man is far too busy striking fear into the hearts of criminals to be tied down in a relationship. Okay, that's not exactly true. Bruce Wayne may not have a regular love interest, but he has had his fair share of kissing over the decades, as this new video reminds us of his cinematic exploits with the ladies.

Put together by YouTuber Maurice Mitchell, the Batman Kiss supercut video counts how many times Batman has kissed someone over his long movie career. The numbers are debatable at times since some of these are just one, long extended kiss, but regardless, we can't deny that Bruce Wayne has a way with women in the live action movies. The whole thing kicks off with Adam West's Bruce Wayne kissing Lee Meriwether, one of the many TV Catwomen (Catwomans?), on two occasions in Batman: The Movie, and from there, we make our way through the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan movies. By the time Christian Bales' Caped Crusader gets done smooching Anne Hathaway's Catwoman, the count ends at 60 kisses, proving he is a true playboy. Oh, and it's not just women that get his affection. He also kisses Alfred in Batman & Robin, as his faithful butler/adoptive father is dying from a disease. It was George Clooney as Bruce Wayne, too, so that made it extra special.

Ben Affleck's Batman is left out of the video since he didn't get to kiss anyone in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad (sorry, resuscitating Harley Quinn doesn't count), but maybe he'll have better luck in Justice League or his solo movie. Now that the movies have been covered, the next logical step is to see how Bruce fared with the kissing in the various animated projects. For instance, fans of the DC Animated Universe will remember that Kevin Conroy's Batman did quite well with the ladies.

The most frequent recipients of Batman's affection in this video are Rachel Dawes and Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. The former, an original character, was Bruce Wayne's main love interest in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, while the latter continued her romantic back-and-forth with our beloved hero in Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises. Considering that Catwoman is arguably the most recurring and memorable of Batman's romantic partners in the comics, it wouldn't be surprising if we eventually see her introduced in the DCEU. The other women in the video include reporter Vicki Vale, psychiatrist Chase Meridian and Julie Madison, who actually proposed to Bruce in Batman & Robin. Yeah, I didn't remember that either.

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Adam Holmes
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