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Watch Michael Bay Race A Lamborghini In Front Of Buckingham Palace For New Transformers Scene

We poke a bit of fun at Michael Bay around here, at least I do. He's a fairly easy target as a director who specializes in making movies that focus almost exclusively on spectacle. Having said, it must be fun making those movies. You get to do really cool stuff, like have sports cars blast past Buckingham Palace at 100 miles an hour. If we got to do cool stuff like this, we'd make Transformers movies too.

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The Transformers movies are all about giant robots and really cool cars, and that means that you get to do some really cool stuff with those cool cars. The newest set location for Transformers: The Last Knight is actually Buckingham Palace itself, the home of Queen Elizabeth. We're guessing that Michael Bay is right, that this isn't the sort of thing that people get to do very often. We're dying to know why they got to do it this time. We're going to guess that she wasn't home.

Transformers: The Last Knight has been all over the United Kingdom over the last several weeks filming and this is just their most recent shooting location. We know that the new film will have some portion of it taking place in an alternate history version of World War II-era London. The production got some flack from some corners for transforming the former home of Winston Churchill into the Nazi's headquarters building. Bay shot back that the decision made sense, and would ultimately be ok because Winston Churchhill himself is actually a character in the movie.

There's nothing in the set itself that makes it clear what time period this scene is, Buckingham Palace hasn't changed all that much in about 100 years, so the shot would look the same if it was from the 1940s or modern day. Of course, if it is the 1940s, that means that the Transformers will apparently still look like modern cars in that era, which is just the sort of insanity we'd expect from the franchise.

Of course, if all it takes to get access to get access to the Queen's house is money, that's not a problem for Transformers. The last two movies in the franchise have cleared the $1 billion mark at the global box office. One of the benefits of keeping the movies simple and focusing on giant robots destroying things is that it translates fairly well into any language. There's no reason to believe that the newest entry will do anything less.

What attracts you to the Transformers franchise? Is it the massive action set pieces, or the car porn? Let us know what you love, or love to hate, about Transformers in the comments below.

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