The Predator Just Hit A Big Setback


Following Predators earning mixed reviews in 2010, the Predator franchise is looking to find some redemption in 2018 with The Predator, which will be helmed by Shane Black. That's enough to get any fan excited, but then last month, anticipation rose even higher when it was reported that Sicario star Benicio del Toro was in talks to play the movie's main protagonist. Having already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, joining the Predator world would have been been another way for him to leave his mark on the sci-fi genre. Unfortunately for those who were eager for this casting to be made official, the news just broke that del Toro has dropped out of The Predator, though a replacement is already being eyed.

According to THR, Benicio del Toro "fell out of negotiations" with 20th Century Fox to star in The Predator, though precise details about how the two sides parted ways weren't revealed. However, apparently it was difficult to get del Toro on board due to multiple scheduling issues. Production was even moved back to February 2017 to accommodate him, but it wasn't enough. Now Fox is looking at Narcos star Boyd Holbrook to take his place. As the article points out, Holbrook doesn't have the same level of star power as del Toro, which is why The Predator is reportedly "planning on beefing up the supporting cast." In other words, there will be plenty of familiar Hollywood faces to help prop up the blockbuster.

Boyd Holbrook

If Boyd Holbrook succeeds del Toro as The Predator's main protagonist, it will be the latest project that's raised his profile over the last couple years. After appearing in movies like The Skeleton Twins, A Walk Among the Tombstones and Gone Girl, Holbrook was cast as DEA agent Steve Murphy in the Netflix series Narcos. Along with being one of that show's leads, he's appeared in movies like Jane Got a Gun and Morgan in 2016, and he'll be seen next year in Logan, the third Wolverine spinoff, as Donald Pierce, the head of Transigen security.

Few plot details concerning The Predator have come out, aside from the obvious fact that like the previous movies, it will involve humans battling one or more of these monstrous, extraterrestrial hunters. Shane Black has confirmed that the story will be set in the present day, he hopes that this movie will help strengthen the franchise's complicated continuity. Back in June, Black mentioned that the main protagonist's name is Quinn Mackenna, although that is subject to change. With production only four months away from kicking off (assuming there isn't another delay), Fox will need to work fast to secure Boyd Holbrook and build its all-star supporting cast.

The Predator will be released in theaters on March 2, 2018.

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