Ben Affleck has, without question, become one of our greatest modern actors. However, even more importantly, he's found himself in some great films (because that doesn't always go hand in hand). While we're looking forward to his newest movie, The Accountant, we're also looking back at some of the great films that Affleck has been in over the last several years.

To be clear, these are not necessarily Ben Affleck's best performances. These are the great movies that the actor has been in, regardless of his own abilities. Most of the time, we are talking about great performances, or possibly great direction, from Affleck, but the focus here is the finished product. Simple cameos don't count, but anything where he at least had a significant supporting role is good enough. Let's roll.

10. Mallrats

While Mallrats often is overlooked among Kevin Smith's early work, we had to let it sneak into the back of this list. It doesn't try to be anything it's not, and it is by far the most laugh out loud funny of the movies within the View Askew-naverse. Ben Affleck plays Shannon, the proprietor of the Fashionable Male clothing store, and one of the truly great douchebag characters of all time. Kevin Smith's trademark humor is on display here and it's all great. Affleck's role is small, but he does his job and that's ok because Jason Lee does all the heavy lifting and he's well equipped to the task.

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