Deadpool 2 Just Took A Major Step Backward

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This year's superhero comedy Deadpool was one of the most unexpected success stories in years. The R-rated metatheatrical romp broke box office records, proving that superhero movies could get a bit more adult and still rake in tons of money. All of the pieces of Deadpool's puzzle seemed to perfectly fit together, from the outstanding cast, aggressive and hilarious marketing campaign, and spot on script. As such, Marvel and Fox quickly green lit a sequel, much to the joy of fans and everyone involved in the passion project. But it now appears there is some serious trouble in paradise, and Deadpool 2 had taken a major step backward.

Deadline is reporting that Deadpool director Tim Miller has exited Deadpool 2. This unexpected change reportedly happened due to creative differences between Miller and star/producer Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular antihero. While Tim Miller hadn't signed a contract for the project, he was closely associated with the sequel and announced to be apart of the film when Fox green lit Deadpool 2.

This is overall a huge shock to the Hollywood community. Deadpool was caught in development hell for about a decade. After Ryan Reynolds played the title character (kinda) in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox began more actively pursuing a solo movie for Wade Wilson, while still retaining the original actor. The long and crazy tale of its development only continued to become more dramatic, as Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's original draft was quickly leaked online. And when the 2014 test footage was also leaked, the internet basically exploded and fan outcry for the project helped get Deadpool produced.

Because those involved with Deadpool had such a long journey, you'd think they'd be thick as thieves. Indeed, the massive success of the R-rated movie has proved to be a game changer in the superhero genre, and Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds, and the writers all seemed like a big happy family. But now the added pressure of producing a similarly exciting and successful sequel seems to have gotten the better of them, and Reynolds and Miller's conflict caused the director to depart.

Those in charge of developing and producing Deadpool 2 do have quite the task ahead of them. It's hard for lightning to strike twice, and the expectations for Deadpool's sequel are going to be sky high. This is quite the change from the original, which had low expectations and high payoff. Additionally, the sequel should introduce the futuristic mutant Cable into the mix, who has a very convoluted backstory. How will they be able to bring Cable in without addressing that he's the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey's clone? None of that was seen previously in the X-Men universe, so perhaps how Cable fits into the sequel was one of the points of contention between Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller.

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