Henry Rowengartner vs. Rick Vaughn: Rookie Of The Year Star Weighs In On Who Pitches Better

Regardless of the outcome, this years' World Series will be one for the history books, with two of the teams with the longest championship droughts facing off against each other. Soon we will know which is the better real life team, but which is the better team in the movies? Both the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians have had great baseball movies made about them which included star pitchers. Now Thomas Ian Nicholas is taking on Charlie Sheen and saying that his character was by far the best movie pitcher.

Here's a question: what was the fastest pitch Rick Vaughn was clocked at during Major League? Was it like 101? Henry smoked him. I think Henry had like 107 at one point. Although Chapman, the real life Henry Rowengartner, can throw faster than that, and has in games. So the question is, 'Do the Indians have anyone that's throwing as fast as Chapman?' No!

It's hardly shocking that Rookie of the Year star Thomas Ian Nicholas would argue that Henry Rowengartner is the better pitcher than Major League's Ricky Vaughn, he has a personal interest in looking good. We also can't dispute that Rowengartner did have a faster fastball than the "Wild Thing." Of course, we could try and point out that the fastball was really the only pitch that the Cubs pitcher had, while Vaughn was a bit more versatile, after he learned control, but that's neither here not there.

Thomas Ian Nicholas isn't simply making a pitch that he played a better movie character, he's also lobbying the Cubs to let him throw out the first pitch at Game 4 of the World Series. Nicholas apparently already has tickets to the game, so he tells TMZ that he'd be happy to do the job, something that he already did for the Cubs during a regular season game earlier this year. His movie theater opponent, Charlie Sheen has also made it known that he would like to do the same for the Indians. He missed out on a shot last night, as Cleveland great Kenny Lofton threw out the first pitch of Game 1.

Of course, we really can't argue with Thomas Ian Nicholas' ultimate point, that Aroldis Chapman, an actual pitcher for the Chicago Cubs may make all of the fictional players look bad. He is truly impressive. If you made a movie about him, it might not be believable enough.

Part of the reason that both Major League andRookie of the Year were made about their respective teams is because of their long drought when it came to the playoffs. One of these two movies is going to look very different next week when the World Series is over and one of them has become champions for real.

Dirk Libbey
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