As if 2016 wasn't weird enough, this year's World Series is home to two of the most unlikely teams you'd expect to make the show. With the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs taking the field for the first of the seven possible games tonight, a lot of die-hard fans of each ball club are probably performing their seasonal rituals and dusting off some extra magic for the fall classic, all in the name of the big win. Lucky for us, there are two well-remembered movies that help us here at the CinemaBlend offices get into the action, and both films have us asking the same question: where are they now?

Today we'll be looking at the 1989 comedy classic Major League, the story of the Cleveland Indians' (fictional) rise from the bottom to the top of the American League's standings. With a cast of some heavy hitters, the histories that came before and after several of the cast members' professional lives have lead to some interesting career paths. And there's even one cast member that bridges today's pick and tomorrow's Chicago Cubs favorite. And now, the warm ups are finished, and it's time to take the field. Here now are you Major League co-stars then, and now.

Bob Uecker

With his hard hitting analysis as Cleveland Indians announcer Harry Doyle, the man clung to his drink as much as he did hope for his precious Indians. In real life, Uecker had experience on both sides of the microphone in the major leagues, as for five years, Bob Uecker was a ball player himself. Most recently, there was a petition flying around to get Uecker to call the World Series games for this year.

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