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There are so many reasons why you absolutely NEED to see Damien Chazelle's La La Land when it opens in theaters in a few weeks, and they're all captured in this gorgeous, mesmerizing new trailer. Chazelle stages La La Land as the musical follow up to his Oscar-winning Whiplash. This new movie is positively drunk on the chemistry shared by leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The original music is sensational, and it... well, why don't I just let the trailer speak for itself? Here is La La Land:

Trust me when I tell you, this is the year's best film. It may not win all of the top Oscar come next year, but it deserves them. All of them. Damien Chazelle has created something magical with La La Land, a contemporary tribute to modern show business that harkens back -- in all of the best possible ways -- to the classic musical genre that dominated the industry in the 1940s and 50s. And it's alive with wit, romantic energies, humor, unfiltered creativity and passion. It's a must see. A must.

What is it about? Essentially, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are star-crossed lovers trying to make it in Los Angeles, she as an actress and he as a jazz musician. They weigh the sacrifices that come with chasing our dreams, and delight audiences along the way with show-stopping musical numbers (especially the opening traffic-jam one, which Damien Chazelle told me almost DIDN'T make the cut), realistic conversations about personal and professional obstacles to success, and so much more.

If I have one beef about that trailer, is that it shows too much -- which you won't realize until you actually see La La Land. But there are beats in that tease that I likely would have chosen to save. Still, Lionsgate is doing what it can to get the word out on La La Land, probably knowing that once it starts screening, word of mouth will do the rest.

La La Land

La La Land made its debut on the fall film festival circuit, winning over crowds in Venice, Telluride and Toronto before biding its time for a December release and a lengthy Oscar run. To date, Emma Stone has taken home a Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival, the film claimed the People's Choice Award in Toronto, and it won the Audience Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. It needs to clear more space on its trophy shelf, because in my opinion, this is the year's best film.

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