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First Transformers 5 Footage Sneaks Into Exclusive IMAX Clip

Mark Wahlberg Transformers 5

We don't yet have a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth movie in the ongoing series, but scenes from the sequel have found their way into a new IMAX featurette celebrating the cyber-franchise's relationship with IMAX technology and the cameras. Check the clip out below, and look for the Transformers: The Last Knight footage starting around the 1-minute mark!

This entire video dives into the 10 year relationship between Transformers director Michael Bay and the IMAX corporation. Bay has been teasing all shoot how IMAX has adapted its cameras to accommodate his nimble filming style, giving him smaller cameras that do no compromise on the quality of the image. But the new Transformers: The Last Knight content really kicks in at the 1-minute mark, where we see lead actor Mark Wahlberg hanging out of Bumblebee as they race down a London street and explosions go off near his head.

But part of the joy of this video is finally being able to see footage from Transformers: The Last Knight that shows how Michael Bay's trip through time will look through his IMAX lends. Like here, where he blows up a bunch of King Arthur's knights!

Transformers: The Last Knight

It won't all be set in the past, however. We can see, in some of this footage, that Mark Wahlberg will be sprinting around modern settings, as Josh Duhamel and his military colleagues -- well, blow up more stuff. And here's a shot of Wahlberg saving a young girl right before... you guessed it, another explosion goes off.

Transformers 5

Damn, Bay. Loving them pyrotechnics. My bets guess is that the next thing we see is a proper trailer, perhaps in the IMAX format. We had heard that IMAX was locking in a trailer that would screen in its theaters, but perhaps it was this featurette? Paramount still has time to tease Transformers: The Last Knight. It opens in theaters in June.

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