New Power Rangers' Individual Zords Revealed

power rangers zords

Nostalgia is at the forefront of both TV and film at the moment. Tons of 90's and 80's properties are being revived, as millennials are taken back to a simpler time. Case in point: the upcoming Power Rangers movie. But just because the characters, setting, and concept of the movie are the same as the 90's classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, that doesn't mean it will actually resemble the poorly dubbed series of the past. We've seen major changes in Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa, the Power Ranger suits, and now it appears that the Zords will be no exception.

Zords are giant robots that the Power Rangers use to fight the forces of evil. We haven't seen footage of them in action yet, but the upcoming blockbuster's merchandise has been spoiler city for what to expect form the Zords. Both the Megazord and the Tyrannosaurus Zords looking nothing like the originals, and feature far more fire power. Now it appears that this trend is continuing with the rest of the Rangers' robots.

Youtube channel MMPRtoys recently did a break down of the new Megazord toy, while also giving us sneak peeks into the other new Zords. There, we saw glimpses of the new Zords, and they're some doozies.

saber tooth tiger power rangers

First up is the Saber-Toothed Tiger Zord, which is piloted by Trini the Yellow Ranger. While the new Zord is still a four legged crawling robot like the original, it's vastly different. The face of the Tiger is pretty much unrecognizable, and the robot is once again packing a ton of heat in regards to firepower. To start, there are two guns where the Zord's fangs should be. And then there's a big ass cannon on its back. An eagle eye will notice that the same canon is used on one of the Megazord's arms. So parts of the individual Zords so make up the Megazord, just not its entire bodies.

pterodactyl zord

Then there's the Pterodactyl Zord. Piloted by Kimberly the Pink Ranger, this Zord is the most disappointing looking robot by far. The thing straight up looks like a jet. It doesn't have any dinosaur-like features, and just looks like an armored Jet got a fancy pink paint job. Admittedly, the the Pink Ranger's Zord in Mighty Morphin looked the least like its dinosaur inspiration, but this is on a whole different level.

Just like the other Zords from the Power Rangers movie, Kimberly is about to be packing heat because the Pterodactyl Zord has plenty of guns as well. It looks like we can expect some firefights when Power Rangers hits theaters.

Power Rangers triceratops

But the Triceratops Zord is here to help you relax, and finally see a resemblance between the new movie and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This new Zord definitely looks the closest to Billy the Blue Ranger's original, which is a great callback for the fans who are now in their twenties. While it won't be making up one of the Megazord's legs, it's an exciting new design on an old classic. And most notably, the new Triceratops Zord is noticeably missing guns. Of course, it's horns could end up some hidden weapon in the finished movie, but the Triceratops certainly looks different from the other Zords in regards to firepower.

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Power Rangers will fly and shoot its way into theaters on March 24th, 2017.

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