Martin Scorsese's Silence Trailer Is Intense And Chilling, Watch It Now

Andrew Garfield Silence

Martin Scorsese's Silence has been a movie cloaked in mystery. For months, we didn't even know when the master's latest drama would reach theaters. And from an awards perspective, it's one of the last shoes to drop as we wait to analyze all of the possible contenders. Well, the first Silence trailer arrived overnight, as it will be attached to Paramount's Allied this weekend. Check it out now.

Based on a 1966 novel, Silence stars Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield as Portuguese missionaries who embark on a mission to Japan for two reasons: to spread their faith; and also to retrieve a third missionary (Liam Neeson) who has gone rogue, and begun denouncing his faith and God in public forums. And anyone who knows Scorsese knows that the filmmaker is usually at the top of his game when he is exploring his faith -- and the possibilities of it being rocked -- in movies from Shutter Island, Raging Bull and Kundun to The Last Temptation of Christ.

Martin Scorsese has held on to the rights to Silence for more than two decades, knowing that he had to be the filmmaker to bring the story to the big screen. He flirted with Daniel Day Lewis and Benicio del Toro in top roles for the movie, but they came and went as Scorsese moved on to other movies like Hugo and Shutter Island. Even in this current iteration, Ken Watanabe had a crucial role, but had to drop out before Scorsese started filming in Taiwan.

The great news is that you don't have to wait long to see Silence. Instead of dropping a trailer months before its possible release (like Cars 3 did, for example), Silence is hitting theaters in December! December 23, to be exact, meaning it can contend for Oscars. Will it? It's hard to say from this first glance. It's fully possible. We'll know more when we get to see the full movie. But for now, what did you think of this first look?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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