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When the Justice League finally assemble in 2017 it will be with six members, instead of the team's usual seven. This has led to speculation and rumor that there is a secret seventh member who will appear in the blockbuster film, namely DC stalwart Green Lantern. There hasn't been any concrete news confirming this, but recent rumors claim that Armie Hammer will be joining the DCEU, leading many fans to believe he will be playing Hal Jordan. Instead of giving any sort of answer, Hammer decided to have a little fun with DC fans.

Armie Hammer decided to use this sudden moment in the spotlight to his advantage and took to Twitter to make an announcement of his own.

Allow me to paint a more vivid painting of the situation: in the last two days, Geoff Johns, one of the main creative forces behind the DCEU, and Joe Manganiello, the actor portraying Deathstroke, both followed Armie Hammer on Twitter. Because social media is social media, people took this as proof that something was going down, and that Hammer would be playing a role in DCEU. In all fairness, this is exactly what happened with Rick Famuyiwa before he was announced as the director of The Flash movie, though he has since left the project. With rumors about Green Lantern's involvement in Justice League, fans simply connected the dots and claimed that Hammer was playing Hal Jordan, the most famous of all Green Lanterns.

Well played, Armie Hammer, well played. A quick peruse through the comments section of any of these tweets will show that fans were already foaming at the mouth for him to say Green Lantern, having posted gifs and pictures of the iconic comics characters. Just because Hammer didn't let the cat out of the bag this time doesn't mean he won't be in the DCEU in the near future. Only time will tell if Twitter can be used to accurately predict movie castings.

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