The Batman Aspect Ben Affleck Seems To Have Mastered, According To Geoff Johns

Most of us are in agreement regarding the fact that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice could’ve turned out better than it did. That being said, the moments where the recent DC film shined brightest were the moments where Ben Affleck’s Batman dominated the screen. Although we’ve known for some time that Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck have recently begun working together on a solo Batman adventure, we have yet to hear any concrete details about the project. Now it seems that the project is coming together nicely because Affleck apparently has one very important aspect of the character completely nailed down.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers, Geoff Johns revealed that Ben Affleck has – among other things – completely mastered Batman’s dialogue for the coming solo movie:

He’s amazing, but he’s amazing at dialogue. When he reads the dialogue I just sit there going ‘Wow, I’m talking to Batman!


So it seems that we don’t have to worry about Ben Affleck not sounding like Batman when the brooding DC hero opens his mouth during his upcoming solo movie. Geoff Johns has praised Ben Affleck’s ability to write for the character – which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering he helped write Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone and The Town – but Johns also praises Affleck’s ability to deliver the lines written specifically for this character. This means that when Bruce Wayne opens his mouth to declare that he is vengeance, the night, and Batman in equal measure, we will undoubtedly believe him.


For a guy like Geoff Johns to say that Ben Affleck can authentically sound like Batman is some of the greatest praise an actor portraying the Dark Knight can get. Everyone has his or her own perception of what Batman sounds like, but the sheer amount of enthusiasm Johns seems to have for Affleck could potentially mean that we have a new gold standard on our hands – although no one will ever dethrone Kevin Conroy in my book. Our only remaining hope is that they ditch the voice modulator he used in Batman V Superman so Affleck can completely own his dialogue scenes.


There’s no denying that DC has something special on its hands in the form of Ben Affleck. He single handedly proved himself as the saving grace of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and allowing his Batman to take center stage on a solo movie will allow the studio to focus on what works whilst tinkering with what doesn’t work behind the scenes. The DCEU is off to a somewhat rocky start, but this Batman helps keep it all anchored.

Check out the video below to see more of Geoff Johns’ appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers:

Although the film is still a very long way off, we cannot express how excited we are to see The Dark Knight once against return to the limelight for his very own solo movie. We here at Cinema Blend have been champions of Ben Affleck for quite some time, and we have a distinct feeling that this movie will materialize into something special. Be sure to stay tuned for all of the latest and greatest updates about the Batman solo adventure as they become available to us.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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