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Little Shop Of Horrors Is Getting A Musical Remake, Get The Details

little shop of horrors remake

It seems that every few days news of another reboot or remake hit the internet, sending purists into a mad frenzy and fanboys into tears of joy. And with nostalgia being such a common and lucrative trend in recent years, these reboots are only more common. You can take one look at Netflix to see this, as they've brought back old properties like Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, and Voltron to positive results. Now it appears that movie musicals aren't exempt, and we will soon see a classic 1980's live-action musical remade for modern audiences.

Howard Ashman and Alan Menken's horror musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors is getting a blockbuster remake. This news comes to us from Deadline, which reports that Warner Bros. and Arrowverse grand pooh bah Greg Berlanti are teaming up to bring Little Shop back to theaters. Berlanti will be directing the project, which will be written by Matthew Robinson.

News of a Little Shop of Horrors remake might be shocking to many, but it does make financial sense. Every few years, classic Broadway musicals are crafted into new movies, usually around awards season. This allows whatever A-lister that is leading to snag a nomination or statue, and for the film itself to have a ton of hype. Additionally, many movie musicals end up released around the Holiday season, where folks are more likely to spend the money and hit the theaters.

The Little Shop of Horrors remake could be an important moment in Greg Berlanti's career. The writer/director has been spending the last few years focusing on The CW's myriad superhero TV series. He's worked heavily on Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl (before and after its move to The CW). This has given Berlanti a ton of acclaim and attention, which surely helped him get the directing gig for Little Shop. Berlanti will no doubt use the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover to help him prepare for this new job, which should make for an extra layer in the viewing experience for the episode.

This news comes to us on the same day that NBC's Hairspray Live! is airing, which is surely no coincidence. Those with their ears to the world of musical theater will surely be discussing the new Little Shop of Horrors during their viewing parties, letting the still developing project get some free publicity in the process. Smart move, Warner Brothers.

Now we'll just have to wait and see which changes are being made to the source material. The 1986 film followed the musical's script fairly accurately, with the exception being the ending. But we've seen less than stellar remakes like the recent Annie movie make major changes, so who knows. Hopefully Greg Berlanti has learned form others' mistakes.

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