In its first season, Supergirl has done a super job of getting and keeping the audience excited and surprised with the adventures of the newly formed superhero. She's made some amazing allies and gotten quite the rogues gallery of villains to fight, and the series shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Now that Season 1 is over, it's time to look ahead to what's on tap for Season 2. Will James and Kara continue to do their will-they-won't-they dance? Will she ever see Winn as more than a cool, techy friend? What new villains will show up? Will any old foes get loose? Here's everything we know about Supergirl Season 2.

Is Supergirl Renewed?

After weeks and weeks of waiting, we finally know that Supergirl will be granted another opportunity to keep National City safe, but that won't happen on CBS. In a move that many see as completely fitting, Supergirl will be joining two of her DC Comic cohorts over on The CW, Arrow and The Flash. This is good news for the fans who wanted to continue watching Kara explore her powers and use them to battle the baddies of National City, human, metahuman, man made and alien alike.

The Start Date

The official air date for Supergirl Season 2 is Monday, October 10, which makes sense, because Season 1 started on October 26, 2015. The series' soon-to-be sister shows The Flash and Arrow will also debut in October, on the 4th and 5th, respectively.

The Story

We do know a little of what will be in store for Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El in the second season of Supergirl. As of Episode 20, "Better Angels," Kara stopped Non and Astra's plan to take over National City (and, later, the world, of course) with the Myriad effect. As Myriad had begun to overload the brains of the people of National City, and those in the DEO, Kara and J'onn battled Non and Indigo near Fort Rozz, and win. But, in order to stop the signal, Supergirl had to risk her own life by flying Fort Rozz into space beyond Earth's atmosphere. Just when she began to lose consciousness, Alex appeared in the ship that brought Kara to Earth and saves her.

So, for now, all of the Fort Rozz baddies are floating aimlessly in space, but that probably won't last for long. Non, last in charge of the Myriad plan with Indigo, collapsed during his fight with Kara, so it's unlikely that he's actually dead. It's entirely possible that Non will pop up again next season, along with other Kryptonians from the alien prison. Since Supergirl never captured Non, he'll probably be looking to get revenge by any means necessary. But, I wouldn't look for a Big Bad like Non to be a serious threat all through Season 2; most superhero shows have seasonal arcs for villains like Non, who threaten the superhero's city for a season and then die or get imprisoned for most of any new seasons.

Now that Supergirl and her allies know about Project Cadmus, the secret genetic engineering lab where the government dissects alien prisoners for the military, expect it to be a big part of Season 2. Hank and Alex are trying to find the location, mainly to retrieve Jeremiah Danvers, but it may not be so easy. And, stopping Cadmus from imprisoning decent aliens who just want to enjoy life on Earth will certainly be no easy feat. According to Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Cadmus in Season 2 will have the lab "remain more of an evil, specter-y thing that's out there," so Hank and Alex might initially fail in their mission to retrieve Jeremiah and never actually find Cadmus at all. This, of course, means that the Supergirl allies will be trying to find that place and stop them for as long as it takes.

Even though Cadmus will remain a mysterious collective of scientists, we do know that the agency will, indeed, be a major threat that Supergirl and friends face in Season 2. Kreisberg says that the group is made up of "true believers" who are looking to completely eradicate alien life on Earth. And that is certainly bad news for good aliens like Kara and J'onn.

Kreisberg has also promised that Season 2 of Supergirl will remind people of Empire Strikes Back in some important ways. Instead of meaning that the show will get dark, he says it means that the stories have "gotten richer, with some of the characters and what they'll be exploring this season," meaning that they were able to "go deeper with the characters and have more introspection, and watch them grow and learn." Sounds good to me.

We've also been told that Season 2 will launch all four of the DC shows on The CW into a massive four-way crossover event, since this season will eventually see the Supergirl world, formerly known as Earth-CBS, finally fully cross over into the same reality as Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Speaking of The Flash, all you musical fans should prepare yourselves, because later in the season Kara and friends will have a musical crossover with Barry and his pals at S.T.A.R. Labs. Surprising? Sure. Worth waiting for? Absolutely.

Also, let's not forget about that mystery Kryptonian pod just like Kara's that flew through the air near her apartment. Kara was able to get a look inside after it stopped, but we still don't know who she was so shocked to see inside. We know that actor Chris Wood will be playing pod guy, but right now we can only guess that the character might be the Daxamite Mon-El. If that is the character, he's part of an alien race that gets powered up by our sun much like Kryptonians. You can expect his reveal to be a major part of Season 2.

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