Science fiction is almost always a solid bet when it comes to box office success, but this year's best film's in the genre consisted of both blockbuster hits and award caliber entries as well. Overall, it was a great year for sci-fi fans as we got both great entries in popular franchises as well as several wonderful, and bizarre, original concepts.

Following on the success of last year's The Martian it appears that a genre that has often been overlooked by the people who decide awards might finally be giving science fiction a serious look and giving it the credit it deserves. Here are the five best science fiction films of 2016.

5. The Lobster

The Lobster barely qualifies as science fiction, but the film pretty much defies all convention and a film where single people get transformed into animals would need to qualify as sci-fi, even that isn't what the movie is ultimately about. The Lobster isn't going to be a movie for everybody, but it's the sort of movie you should expose yourself to if only to discover if it is or not. Colin Farrell plays as far against type as he ever has in this film that lambasts both a culture that insists that people find relationships, as well as those who are happy to be alone. If this is the future, we're not sure we want to be in it, but it's definitely worth a look... and deeper analysis.

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