Watch One Of Home Alone's Wet Bandits Fear For His Life

The holiday favorite Home Alone used to be a perfectly silly little family comedy. It was fun. Now, for some reason, the thing has gone completely nuts on us. First, we witnessed a grownup Kevin McAllister who, as it turns out, was left emotionally scarred by the events of the film, and its sequel as well we assume. However, we weren’t the only one who saw that video. One of the villainous Wet Bandits has also seen what Kevin is doing to criminals these days and he’s in fear for his life. Check out the cry for help below.

So apparently the entire Home Alone was an emotionally, and for some physically, scarring experience. Daniel Stern, in his role as Marv the Wet Bandit, is hiding in his house in the dark afraid that the obviously psycho Kevin will be coming to get him. He’s using YouTube as a method to try and reach out to Harry, his partner, as played by Joe Pesci. Even in today’s modern age, it would seem that the telephone is still a much more efficient way of trying to contact somebody, but hey, he’s terrified. The man is obviously not thinking clearly.

This video is in response to one that Macaulay Culkin did for the new online comedy series :DRYVERS, in which he plays an adult version of his Home Alone character, as a slightly unhinged Uber driver. He successfully takes out, and then, apparently torchers a carjacker while speaking about his hatred of home invaders. To be fair, if I was a Wet Bandit, I’d be terrified as well. Check out Culkin’s tortured past below.

So what this teaches us is that for the last 25 years (yes it’s been that long, you’re old) everybody involved in the events of the film has not been able to get past it. McAllister still hates his family for leaving him behind, and likes to torture home invaders. Marv, on the other hand, has apparently been trying to tell anybody who will listen about the psychopathic child who tried to kill them on numerous occasions. We’ll have to wait and see how Harry has been handling all this. Unless...unless Kevin got to him first.

Does this add to the fun of the classic Christmas comedy, or does it turn the fun movie into something much more dark and twisted? Or is that what makes it fun?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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