Frank Grillo Is Probably Done With The Purge Movies

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The past few years have been pretty great ones in regards to the horror genre. Exciting new franchises and standalone movies are being produced that don't rely on the common tropes of the past. In regards to franchises, few modern horror films have been quite as original and exciting as The Purge franchise. Set in the not so distant future, The Purge is an anthology series which focuses on a United States which allows all forms of crime, including murder, once a year. This "purge" apparently cleanses the fire from within, making way for a more utopian country where unemployment and crime are at an all time low.

Actor Frank Grillo has starred in the past two Purge movies, making him essentially the series star. Many assumed that Grillo would be back for the next inevitable installment, but now it appears he might not. Grillo recently spoke to Collider, where he revealed he may not be returning to the franchise.

If DeMonaco was still involved and they came up with a great idea, then I think I would do [another Purge movie]. Otherwise, I think I'm done.

Frank Grillo is referring to James DeMonaco, who is basically the guy behind the entire Purge franchise. DeMonaco created the brand as a whole, and has also written and directed all three installments to date. But with DeMonaco hinting that he wants less involvement moving forward, Grillo might want to jump ship.

While I've enjoyed seeing Frank Grillo kick ass and take names in The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year, I'm not sure the franchise really needs his character to return. While his first appearance featured an important arc regarding forgiveness and perseverance, the third movie was not really about him. Sure, he was technically the "star" and spent the movie protecting Elizabeth Mitchell's Charlie Roan around on Purge Night, but Grillo's character didn't really grow or change at all. He's the same ass kicker, but with a better job.

In the same conversation with Collider, Frank Grillo revealed that he was originally thrilled to be starring in a franchise of his own. And while latest installment, The Purge: Election Year, was the biggest and most successful, Grillo isn't sure if he wanted to participate in a third movie. He supports the franchise and wants it to continue, he's just not sure if he'd like to personally commit.

But all hope is not lost. Frank Grillo revealed that he may return if James DeMonaco is once again involved, and creates a great script. So while it's likely that DeMonaco isn't directing the fourth film, if he ends up writing it then Grillo just may stick around.

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