The Purge: Election Year Promo Wants You To Purge For America

One of the most successful and inventive modern horror movies is the Purge franchise. After a few years of nothing more than the "torture porn" genre, The Purge brought an interesting concept that utilized suspense and morality, rather than just gore. The newest chapter of the franchise, The Purge: Election Year will further expand the universe, and take a focus on the system which allows Americans to massacre each other once per year. In a rather smart marketing campaign, The Purge: Election Year has released a new trailer, which highlights the institutionalized murder in a government supported commercial for the annual Purge. Check it out below.

Pretty creepy right? And just in time for the upcoming Presidential election. Apparently avoiding showing us too much footage of the film, this new Purge: Election Year trailer doesn’t feature a single shot of the movie, and is just as successful.

What makes the Purge franchise so successful is how creepy the overall concept is. In the films, there is an annual 12 hour period of time where all crime is legal, including murder. This event, called the Purge, apparently cleanses America of their hatred and anger, resulting in an unprecedented low in crime and unemployment. Additionally, homelessness numbers are down because so many people purge those defenseless members of society in heavily populated areas.

Showing American citizens proudly declaring that they purge is startling for a few reasons. For one: the commercial includes a wide variety of demographics. Seeing a little old lady smiling from ear to ear speaking of her purge is more than unnerving. While the commercial looks like a stereotypical political TV spot, you realize that each of these characters are talking about murder.

Furthermore, I have to wonder where each of the pictured Purgers got their cute "I Purged" stickers. Do they walk to a nearby school or local library covered in blood so that a town volunteer will hand them the sticker, complete with an American flag?

You’d also have to be blind to not see how the team behind The Purge: Election Year is taking shots at Donald Trump’s political campaign. Trump’s motto through his campaign has been "make America great again", even putting it on snazzy baseball caps. And now the message of this fake pro-purge spot is "keep America great". While Donald Trump will presumably not pass a legalized murder act if elected President, surely the team behind The Purge must not think too highly of the Republican frontrunner since they’ve created such a similar slogan.

The Purge: Election Year is definitely taking a more political tone than the past two incarnations. This latest entry into the franchise will focus on Senator Charlene Roan, played by Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell. As a Purge survivor, she’s seemingly the only person in government who is fighting against institutionalized murder. Of course this pisses off the murder happy powers that be, and she finds herself in danger when the annual Purge occurs. This is the first time that the franchise has focused on the people in power, rather than everyday people who fall victim to violence.

Election Year will also feature two returning characters, including Frank Grillo from The Purge: Anarchy as Leo Barnes, and Edwin Hodge who appeared in both previous films as simply "The Stranger".

The Purge: Election Year hits theaters fourth of July weekend- July 1, 2016.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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