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Last month, one of the most surprising and exciting nominations announced for the Golden Globes was Ryan Reynolds getting a nod for Best Actor -- Musical/Comedy. After all, 2016 was filled to the brim with amazing performances from leading men, and it's rare that superhero movies like Deadpool get recognized in this season. That being said, Reynolds is very much in competition in the category, and the creator of the character he plays, Rob Liefeld, even fully believes that the Canadian actor will be going on stage to collect an award on Sunday night.

Between the Golden Globes, the Writers Guild Association nomination for Deadpool, and the news of the developing Extreme Cinematic Universe, Liefeld is having a pretty fantastic 2017 so far, and I had the chance to talk about all of it with the famed comic book artist/creator earlier this week. With the Globes being held this Sunday, it was the first topic of conversation that we hit upon, and Liefeld was in no shortage of enthusiasm for Ryan Reynolds and his chances during the awards show. As he put it:

At the end of the day, what I always tell people, is that movie has heart. It has one giant beating heart, and the physical manifestation of it is Ryan. So I'm telling you dude, I may have to storm that stage if he doesn't win that award, man. I believe it dude. I am so of the belief that his work is going to be recognized.

In explaining his thinking, Rob Liefeld admitted that his feelings come out of being a homer and wanting to see everything Deadpool-related succeed... but he also has incredible admiration for what Ryan Reynolds did with the part. After all, while the film is hilarious pretty much from beginning to end, it also does a fair bit of genre mixing and has its moments of high emotion. Liefeld believes all of this is played to perfection by the star, and should be rewarded at the Golden Globes:

I sit there and I go, 'What performances did I see last year, that are on par with this one?' And there's not a whole lot. I think, as far as actors, range, performance, Ryan, I mean, is he not in every frame of the damn movie? I mean, he owned that. And the reason it's done so well, and made almost 800 million dollars, and the ticker just kept ticking, and people kept buying tickets, is because they adore this movie.

In the Best Actor -- Musical/Comedy category at the Golden Globes, Ryan Reynolds certainly does some powerful opponents, including Ryan Gosling (La La Land), Hugh Grant (Florence Foster Jenkins), Colin Farrell (The Lobster) and Jonah Hill (War Dogs). The unpredictability of the Hollywood Foreign Press voting means that it's anybody's game, but it would be pretty great to see Reynolds head home with the prize.

Do you think Ryan Reynolds is going to win a Golden Globe this Sunday? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts -- and be sure to stay tuned for not only all of our awards section, but also a lot more from my interview with Rob Liefeld!

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