How Ryan Reynolds Reacted To Deadpool’s Golden Globes Nominations

Some actors have the ability to disappear in their superhero roles. Others, like Ryan Reynolds, seem born to embody everything about their respective characters in their day to day lives. With that in mind, Reynolds has taken to Twitter to celebrate Deadpool's Golden Globe nominations, and it's further proof that we have no idea where the actor ends and Wade Wilson begins. Check out the Tweet below to see for yourself.

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Ryan Reynolds is very clearly in a festive mood this morning, and his Twitter post pretty much sums it up. To celebrate Deadpool's two Golden Globe nominations, the actor posted the above photo with a caption reading that the entire Deadpool team is currently engaging in a vigorous tickle fight. Deadpool has always maintain a strong connection with the holiday season -- much of the film's marketing campaign was centered around Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day -- so it's nice to once again see a hilarious photo that pokes fun at the holiday season.

Deadpool defied all expectations by becoming such a critical and commercial success this year. Produced on a relatively meager budget of $58 million (a fraction of most comic book blockbusters), the action comedy has become the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, and it has also earned some of the strongest reviews of any 2016 superhero movie. The Merc with the Mouth is a total sensation who pretty much completely embodies everything we love about the genre in 2016, and as such we have absolutely no problem rooting for Deadpool to take home the gold during this year's Golden Globe ceremony.

One thing that makes Deadpool's nominations even more impressive is the fact that superhero movies generally do not receive these types of nominations. By playing with genre conventions and leaning more towards the realm of comedy, Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds managed to craft a comedy that audiences pretty much universally flocked to. If we're lucky, this could even lead to a new trend in which superhero movies finally start to receive the awards recognition that they actually deserve.

It's not even remotely surprising to see Ryan Reynolds embrace these nominations with such passion. He fought tooth and nail to get a Deadpool movie made for the better part of the last decade, and the fruits of his labor have finally paid off. Considering the fact that many people assumed that Deadpool would never actually make it to the big screen -- and considering all of the things that needed to go right for Deadpool to work -- it makes plenty of sense for him to relish every moment. As long as he keeps delivering the laughs, we will be there to support him every step of the way.

Cinema Blend will bring you all of the latest and greatest Deadpool news as more information becomes available to us. The Golden Globe nominations are well deserved, and we hope Wade Wilson's solo movie manages to go all the way at the awards ceremony. Stay tuned for more awesome details!

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