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Sure, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is currently making an absolute killing at a box office and giving all of us insane A New Hope nostalgia, but the saga from a galaxy far, far away continues to look to the future. Star Wars Episode VIII (which STILL doesn't have an official title) will hit theaters in December, yet we still know few details about the overarching narrative. One recent development that has fans incredibly excited is the prospect of Tom Hardy taking on a role in the film, but the actor has remained coy about such rumors. Hardy explained:

I don't know if I can even say that. Where did you hear that?_... _Ah, the Internet is a glorious web of deceit and misinformation, isn't it? It could be, couldn't it?

During a recent discussion with THR Tom Hardy was asked about whether or not he will play the role of a Stormtrooper in Episode VIII, and his response seemed to raise more questions than answers. He didn't confirm his involvement in the film, but he didn't explicitly deny it either. At this point, the situation could pretty much go either way. Hardy is no stranger to big budget action franchises at this stage in his career, so it's not an outlandish proposition to suggest that there's some credence to the rumors.

Tom Hardy Star Wars Episode VIII

It wouldn't be surprising to see Tom Hardy pop up in a future Star Wars movie, as the saga has always managed to attract well-known, A-list actors. From Liam Neeson in The Phantom Menace to Forrest Whitaker in Rogue One, to Woody Harrelson's recently announced role in the Han Solo spin-off movie, familiar faces continually show up in this franchise. Tom Hardy would fit right in amongst that pool of talent.

Of course, if Tom Hardy is playing a Stormtrooper in Episode VIII, it's completely worth noting that the role may have little significance over the film's narrative. We saw a similar moment occur during the events of The Force Awakens when Daniel Craig had a voice cameo as the Stormtrooper who Rey tricked into freeing her.

So if the rumors are true, and Tom Hardy is portraying a Stormtrooper in the upcoming Star Wars movie, it's entirely likely that it could be a minuscule role. We will just have to wait and see for ourselves.

As always, CinemaBlend will keep you up to date with all of the latest and greatest Star Wars developments as new details are made available to us. Star Wars Episode VIII will hit theaters later this year on December 15, 2017; for now, make sure to check out Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters right now!

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