After a surprisingly cool opening that mixed twists on La La Land music with callbacks to the other Golden Globe-nominated movies and TV shows, Jimmy Fallon kicked off his monologue tonight, as his the traditional pattern with all these Golden Globe ceremonies. Due to some technical difficulties involving an uncooperative monitor, the transition wasn't that smooth, but after a few seconds, the host of The Tonight Show started to drop jokes.

Due to the monologue being shorter than usual, as well as incorporating material from the TV side of things, Jimmy Fallon didn't spend a lot of time in the realm of movies, but he still got a few digs in. Here are the four movies that he took shots at during the Golden Globes opening.

La La Land

Jimmy Fallon kicked off his movie chuckles by pointing out how Ryan Gosling played a jazz pianist in La La Land. However, he warned everyone watching in the audience at home that they shouldn't look up "Ryan Gosling pianist" online because it's an "HR nightmare." See, it's funny because...okay, I don't really need to explain it. Phallic humor aside, La La Land has been getting excellent buzz since it premiered last summer, and it has soared even higher since it was released in theaters a few weeks ago. Gosling plays Sebastian Wilder, who's trying his hardest to open a jazz club. Looking up Gosling's pianist skills may prove risky on Google, but it's definitely worth seeing him in this role if you haven't already.

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