The Golden Globes Intro Was A Hilarious Take On La La Land

Awards shows always want to start off on the right foot, and this year the Golden Globes figured that in order to make a great musical number, they should turn to 2016's great musical, La La Land. Golden Globes host Jimmy Fallon borrowed the opening of the Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling film and he danced his way to the theater for the show.

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La La Land opened in LA traffic as a bunch of people, waiting on their big Hollywood break sat in the cars going nowhere. This year's Golden Globes opened with essentially the same idea, except that in this case, it was not Hollywood hopefuls, but Hollywood movie stars all sitting in traffic in the back of their limousines. Fallon was the first to jump out of his car and start dancing. He was quickly joined by other, much larger stars, like Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams. Everything was done to the tune of the song "Another Day of Sun."

The highlight of the opening part of the sequence, however, was probably when the focus shifted from film to television. The back of a truck was opened to reveal the young cast of Netflix's Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown can rap with the best of them. We also got let in on a potential spoiler for the show's second season. Barb is totally alive.

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From there, the intro sequence shifted into another part of La La Land. "City of Stars" was turned into "Room Full of Stars." Jimmy Fallon took the piano to sing about all the famous people who had assembled into one place. Things got a little weird though when it turned out that Fallon was actually singing to somebody very special. Ryan Reynolds, who nobody really expected would be in the running for Golden Globes, was on top of the piano.

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Of course, there's only one man who truly has Jimmy Fallon's heart, and that's Justin Timberlake. JT and Fallon parodied the La La Land "Planetarium" dance sequence. It was predictable, but there's a reason these two are always hanging out together. They can be funny, and they were here as well.

La La Land is one of the films favorited to win some major awards this season. Will Fallon's intro be a help, or a curse when it comes to those odds?

Dirk Libbey
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