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Fans of the DCEU have spent the last 24 hours on pins and needles wondering what new changes are waiting on the horizon. The team behind the Shazam movie officially met with DC Entertainment yesterday, and they promised nothing less than some fantastic developments. Now it seems that the face of the project has chimed in on the matter as well. Dwayne Johnson took to his Instagram account to provide some major DC updates, and it looks like we can all look forward to some serious tonal shifts in the DCEU very, very soon. Check out his post below!

Dwayne Johnson has more or less become the king of social media over the course of the last few years, hasn't he? There's nothing that he can't get us hyped for. Although that Instagram post does not provide too many concrete details about why he specifically met with DC Entertainment, the biggest takeaway seems to be the promise of some major "tonal shifts" over the course of the next few movies. The post features a relatively long caption, but three clear words pop out that have us genuinely excited about what's in store: "hope, optimism, & FUN."

When we consider the fact that an unshakably grim sensibility has thus far characterized the DCEU, this feels like a delightful development. With new heroes and villains entering the fray within the next few movies (Shazam and Black Adam being two of the most notable) it is becoming clearer and clearer that DC insiders have a vested interested in making some significant changes.Thank the New Gods; it's about time.

If Dwayne Johnson wants to lead that charge, we are just fine with it. After all, they don't call him "Franchise Viagra" for nothing.

Black Adam

That said, there are a few other notable clues that we can glean from this post. For starters, the promise of important upcoming announcements leads us to believe that the Shazam movie will finally provide us with more details related to its development. These updates could take the form of a Shazam casting announcement, a first look at the titular hero facing off against Black Adam, or something else entirely. Remember, The Rock has taken virtually every opportunity to remind us that he considers Black Adam an anti-hero in addition to his well-known status as a villain. This is certainly true, as the character has formed tenuous alliances with the heroes of the Justice League before, so we will not even rule out the possibility of Black Adam receiving a solo movie of his own at this point.

We will bring you any and all updates related to The Rock's upcoming DC announcements as more information becomes available to us. It's not entirely clear what's coming, but we're sure it's going to be fantastic. Shazam is currently slated to hit theaters in 2019. Stay tuned for more awesome details!

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