What Makes Ben Affleck’s Batman Different Than Its Predecessors, According To Ben Affleck

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Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Don't read any further if you aren't up to date on the DCEU's latest adventures!

There's a strong case to be made that Ben Affleck is the best film Batman of all time. He has the raw physicality, the unbridled rage, and the overall look of a dark, brooding Bruce Wayne. Even though the character has been portrayed many times by a wide variety of actors, Affleck continues to feel unique and distinct in the crowded field. According to the actor, much of that has to do with the older and wiser version of this character. Affleck explained:

It's different in terms of tone and, obviously, just a different actor. I think the most profound difference is that I'm playing the part at an older age than those guys were when they played it, and it's about a guy who's had a long life of this experience, rather than someone who's just setting out on the journey to become this guy. He's older and wiser, I guess. And he was pretty pissed off in Batman v Superman, but now it's not about finding revenge in Justice League, it's about protecting the Earth. So the feel is different.

Ben Affleck's recent comments to Cineplex highlight the biggest disparities between his version of Batman and any other incarnation of the character to come before him. The DCEU has gone to great lengths to hammer in the idea that Batfleck has operated in Gotham for decades and seen the worst of humanity in the process. While other live-action versions of Batman have typically been younger and less experienced, Affleck's has a far more cynical and seasoned outlook on life. If Christian Bale showed us the youngest and least experienced version of the hero in Batman Begins, then Ben Affleck is the complete opposite.

Arguably no moment from the entire DCEU highlights that feeling of experience, cynicism, and loss more than Batfleck's "count the dead" speech from Dawn of Justice. Check it out below:

Ben Affleck also takes the time to point out the fact that his version of Batman has evolved since the end of Batman v Superman. Inspired by the sacrifice of Henry Cavill's Superman against Doomsday, the Gotham-based hero now has a far more optimistic outlook on his ability to unite a group of heroes to save the world. He's still The Dark Knight, but he's also more willing to accept the concept of hope.

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