Justice League Trailer Brings The DC Heroes Together

The Justice League trailer just made its grand debut at Hall H during SDCC this afternoon, and thankfully for those of us who weren't able to see the footage unveiled during the big panel, Warner Bros has graciously put it online for us. Check it out below...

A few weeks ago, we got a lot of Justice League news thrown are way, and this trailer served as a late cherry on top. The movie has only been shooting for a couple of months, but that was plenty of time to put together a look at Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, track down metahumans and other mighty figures to help him protect the world. First was Jason Momoa's Aquaman, who has been using his talents to help a nearby village, but he doesn't want to cooperate with Bruce at first. Next we have Ezra Miller's Flash, who Barry tracks down at his apartment. This scene was previously described to fans by reporters during that set visit in London, but it was cool to see their interaction and Barry Allen catch the Batarang for ourselves. Then there's Ray Fisher's Cyborg, who we briefly see as a normal athlete, but has become his techno-self by the end. Finally, there's Wonder Woman, but one just needs to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to see how she and Batman meet.

In the midst of these hero interactions, we also get a quick flashback of one of the Mother Boxes being buried. As previously revealed, three Mother Boxes were left on Earth thousands of years for the humans, Amazons and Atlanteans. When Justice League kicks off, Steppenwolf will come to Earth searching for these powerful devices. One of them is already powering Cyborg, and while the locations of the other two have yet to be revealed, it will be up to these five heroes to prevent the warrior from Apokolips and his army from retrieving them. Actually, six heroes, because Henry Cavill is reprising Superman. We just don't know yet how he'll be thrown into the mix given...recent events.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice why by no means a financial failure, it did draw a lot of criticism for being overly dark. This Justice League preview makes it clear that the movie will have lighter and funnier moments interspersed in the narrative. At the same time, the footage also does a great job of highlighting the heroes and their abilities, from Flash's speed to Aquaman's water talents. There's still over a year to go until release, but for now, Justice League looks like it will be a great platform for DC Comics' main heroes. Still, if only we could get some Green Lantern action in there...

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017. Let us know what you thought of the footage in the comments below.

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