Cannibal Horror Raw Red-Band Trailer Is Bloody And Super Disturbing

If you're a big horror fan, then there's a chance that you've already heard of Raw by now. A film that can most easily be described as cannibal horror, it's quickly built up a reputation as being one of the goriest, most disgusting, and thrilling horror movies made in recent memory. It's so disgusting, in fact, that people passed out after watching it for the first time. Not many films can boast that, and now Raw has released a new Red Band trailer that should make it real clear why people passed on in the first place. Fair warning: this is not for the squeamish.

Here we have the Official Red Band trailer for Raw, a film so intense that it's been described as "a deliciously fevered stew of nightmare fuel." Well, I believe it after watching that trailer, which doesn't pull any punches in showing off plenty of gore and creepy visuals. Raw might end up being this year's must-watch for horror fans who have a strong stomach. The trailer plays up the creepiness factor of Raw, slowly building up and then showing off fast paced and stressful visuals of what can lightly be described as cannibalism.

It's now a lot easier to fathom how Raw made people pass out. When the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, people shared on social media that the movie had caused some people to pass out (true horror filmmakers dream I'd guess) and receive medical attention. Ambulances arrived during the screening. and people may or may not have thrown up. That's the ultimate sign that a horror movie is legit, and it looks like Raw is off-the-charts scary.

On the surface, the story for Raw seems simple, but it's been said that there is something much deeper happening in the film than what people think. Raw follows a young vegetarian college student who enrolls into veterinarian school. After she is forced to eat a raw rabbit liver as a hazing ritual, she soon finds herself riddled with blotchy rashes and becomes prone to bursts of aggression. The final cherry on top, she eventually develops an insatiable hunger for human flesh, leading her to a "gruesome showdown" with her older, more successful, sister. This film is rife with cannibalistic craziness, so make sure you don't eat anything before your screening.

Directed by Julia Ducournau, Raw was apparently hugely popular for those who saw it at the last Fantastic Fest. Lucky for all the horror fanatics out there, the R-rated Raw will be getting a U.S. release and will hit American theaters on March 10, 2017. If the film truly is as insane as it seems to be, then maybe people will prefer to wait for it to hit VOD and other streaming services, so they can vomit in the peace of their own home.

Matt Wood

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