Billboards Featuring Frozen's Elsa As A Meth Addict Are Going Up And I Can't Imagine Disney Is Pleased

You would be hard pressed to find someone who does not love Frozen. The animated Disney adventure is a celebration of sisterhood, independence and everything else that kids should look up to. Elsa has become a notable pop culture role model for children all over the world since the first Frozen movie debuted in 2013, but now it seems that an anti-drug campaign in Montana has decided to use her as a cautionary tale. Check out the photo below to see meth-head Elsa for yourself.

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Your eyes are not deceiving you, my friends. An anti-drug campaign based in Montana (aptly called the Montana Meth Project) decided to take Frozen's Elsa and turn her into a meth addict to caution kids and teenagers about the real dangers of using drugs. The picture in question shows a somewhat recognizable depiction of the icy princess, but presents her covered in scabs and scars, and shows her restrained in a set of handcuffs. It is, of course, not explicitly stated that the character in the picture is Elsa. That said, the big bold words telling us "just let it go" (the "it" being meth) seems like a pretty solid indication that we are looking at a burned out version of the Disney princess who has done a little too much partying with some less than savory characters.

We cannot help but think that someone involved in this anti-drug campaign is probably going to hear from Disney's lawyers at some point in the very near future. Disney takes the integrity of its characters incredibly seriously, and we would be surprised if they let something like this go -- pun intended. The Guardian reports that a local teen created the art for use in the ad campaign, but we do not think that is going to be enough to dissuade Disney from getting them to take down the billboards. Intellectual property law is not something that you want to mess with when an entertainment giant like Disney is involved.

If Disney compels the Montana-based anti-drug campaign to take down the billboards, it likely won't be simply because they want to be jerks about the situation. The studio has a vested interest in the Frozen brand, and it is definitely in their best interest to maintain that brand. Frozen is plastered all over Disney products and Disney parks all over the world. Also, because a sequel to Frozen is currently slated to hit theaters in sometime in the years to come, we do not think that the phenomenon is going anywhere anytime soon. Having someone post billboards of a meth-head version of Elsa (regardless of altruistic intentions) probably won't go over very well.

We will bring you any and all relevant updates related to this bizarre situation as more information becomes available to us. Disney's Frozen 2 doesn't have an announced release date yet, but stay tuned for more details. And please, do not use meth. Otherwise you may end up like Elsa.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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