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While we used to go months or years without hearing anything about an adaptation of the popular Uncharted video games series, now it feels like news is coming out every week about it. News is booming on the Uncharted film, which seems to have finally crawled its way out of development hell and is on the fast track to becoming an actual movie. It's only been a few weeks since writer Joe Carnahan shared that he was finished with the script, and now we may have learned when the film is expected to begin filming.

According to the site myentertainmentworld.com (via All the Stuff You Care About), Uncharted is expected to begin filming in Columbia in late spring of this year. I think that when it comes to these sorts of things, a healthy dose of skepticism is welcome, seeing as dates can easily change or just be wrong. However, it does fall in line with what we've heard in the past, and director Shawn Levy has previously stated that the goal is to begin shooting in the late spring or earlier summer season of 2017. Regardless of the specific date, Uncharted is definitely going to be filmed in 2017, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Also included with the expected start date is a brief synopsis of the film, which is the first real details on the plot. The story will follow Nathan Drake, a notorious treasure hunter who may have finally found the location of El Dorado, the fabled city of gold. However, the search soon turns competitive when a rival hunter enters the fray. This synopsis should be familiar to players of the game; it's the same basic premise of the first Uncharted game. It makes sense that the movie would follow in the same footsteps as the games, but it's unclear exactly how closely it will stick to the source material.

Though the film has a writer and director in Carnahan and Levy respectively, there has been no word on casting just yet. If the film is aiming to begin filming in a couple months then we're most likely going to hear something about that very soon. The movie still needs its lead as Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg was once reportedly attached to star but he ended up dropping out, leaving the role vacant. There's no shortage of speculation on who should play the part, and the cast is really the only missing piece to this puzzle.

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The Uncharted drought seems to have officially passed and we can expect to hear lots more news about the video game adaptation in the coming months/year. The film currently doesn't have a release date but be sure to keep checking in with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as it becomes available.

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